F*CK the Machine: Turn Your Creative Passion Into A DIY Success!


An Intense, Action-Based Workshop to Turn Your Creative Passion Into A DIY Success!

In Three Weeks You Will Learn How To:

  • Respect & Value Yourself as an Artist/Creative
  • Turn your art into a business without losing your soul
  • Price your products and find additional revenue streams
  • Make a name for yourself, tell your story & define your originality.
  • Define your DIY Success Vision
  • Build an online presence that works for you
  • Find an Audience
  • Create events, form communities and do some colorful networking
  • Embrace Failure
  • Eliminate distractions & find fresh inspiration
  • Design Your 3 Month DIY Life Action Plan

Workshop Dates: Wednesdays July 9,16 & 23  7-9pm in Fairfax(specific location will be emailed after registration)
Cost: $100 includes all 3 weeks + a coaching session after 3 months to review your Action Plan.


Improv Imps Booking Information

Humiliating Ourselves for Your Entertainment

The Improv Imps perform shows at a variety of venues as well as private, corporate and charity events.

If you are interested in booking a show or a corporate team building workshop, please call Jennifer at 703-725-0777 or email imps@soundry.net


Artist to Artrepreneur: A Creative Course of Action (Workshop)


LIMITED TO 5 PEOPLE — $100  (includes follow Up session) 



  •  Surprise! You are already an entrepreneur
  • How you can turn your art into a business without losing your soul
  • The importance of respecting yourself as an artist
  • Infusing your creativity into every aspect of your business–even the accounting!
  • How to price your products and find additional revenue streams
  • The Gatekeepers are gone–how to make a name for yourself
  • Defining success for YOU and making a 3 month action plan
  • Creating events, forming communities and colorful networking
  • Accountability! This workshop includes a follow up session to check-up on your Action Plan progress.

Date: Friday May 30th 7pm Workshop will take place in Fairfax, VA–near Lee Hwy & Nutley. Address will be emailed after you register!

Send Payment via Paypal to:  socialmediarescue911@gmail.com




The Sorta Big Time, Kinda Secret, Sketch Match #3


We are doing it again because the first two were so much fun! 

Saturday June 12st @ The Pinch

3548 14th St., NW Wash. DC

Check-In: 11:30am-12:30pm

Match Starts at 12:30pm

Free to Watch or Participate!

The SBTKS Sketch Match is a friendly, supportive and constructive competition open to: indie sketch writers, comedic sketch troupes/teams and actors/improvisers who want to be cast in someone else’s sketch! 

Hosted by Jennifer Crawford & Tim Trueheart from The JellyVision Show Podcast. 

There will be both Audience Awards & Judges’ Choice Honors

Panel Judges: Master Judge is Murphy McHugh, Founder of Dojo Comedy and the famous DC Sketch Troupe, Brick Penguin. Murphy will be giving live feedback to writers and teams after their sketches are performed. Two additional judges will be chosen from the audience.

Audience Judges: We give power to the people! Each audience member gets a ballot and an opportunity to give the competitors written feedback. Audience Comments and Scores are emailed to all the competitors after the match! 


**Competing Sketch Teams & Sketch Writers: Please SIGN UP HERE to let us know you will be competing. We will contact everyone a week prior to the match to get your sketch titles for the ballots. Sign Up early because we do have limited number of sketches we can take!

**Improvisers & Actors: Please SIGN UP HERE to be cast in a sketch(es)! Casting will happen on the fly at the SBTKS Sketch Match. Casting happens from 11:30am-12:30. Available Actors will have a star on their name tag letting sketch writers know they are available for casting.

The Match

Casting & Check-In: 11:30am-12:30pm Match starts at 12:30.
3 competing categories
1. Rough & Sorta Ready Sketch Category
(Individual Competition):
Sketch writers with unrehearsed sketches that will be read from paper. Writers can bring their own sketch actors or get volunteers from the event. Sketch writers in this category can submit up to 2 different sketches. In this category, writers are competing as individuals and will be judged on the comedic quality of their sketch writing. **Sketches should be under 7 min.** After your sketch is performed, Murphy will give you live notes on your sketch.

2. Wild & Paper Free Sketch Category:
(Group Competition)
This category is for existing sketch groups/troupes with rehearsed sketches. No scripts allowed. Each sketch team submits two sketches and will be competing as a group. Groups will be judged on comedic quality, acting, richness of characters, sketch memorability and overall performance. **Sketches should be under 10 minutes** Live Comments from Murphy will be held until all sketches in this category are performed.

3. Best Comedic Acting:

We want good acting & character work to be recognized too! On each ballot there will be a place to vote for your favorite sketch actor in each category.

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