Awesome Doesn’t Pay The Rent–Virtual Tour!!

Here at The Soundry, we believe we are pretty awesome. This belief has been re-enforced and fortified by throngs of well wishers, patrons, enthusiasts, crazies, bikers, jesters, auto mechanics, Iranians, suburban moms, Madison High School students, and internet stalkers. We love these people, and think they are pretty awesome too.

However, awesome doesn’t pay the rent.

We’ve all experienced times when paying the rent seems as likely as sprouting wings and flying to Tejikistan, which would be pretty awesome. It seems the eternal struggle of the artist to make ends meet and still stay true to their art. This art show features artists 16-25 years of age, a time in life that is notorious for bounced checks and Ramon Noodles. Every participant in this juried show exhibit exceptional artistic merit, voice, and potential; for some, this was their first time exhibiting, others have been showing and selling their art for years. The body of work as a whole demonstrates an exceptional skill level and creativity, provocative and raw in places, as well as challenging, adept, and stimulating.

The Soundry would like to thank all of the participants in this show, and congratulate them on their awesomeness. All of the pieces in this virtual tour are for sale. All inquiries regarding the purchase of artwork can be addressed by calling The Soundry (703-698-0088) or by emailing or Comments and feedback about the show or the individual pieces are welcomed!