Baby Canvases II: The brats are back.



SATURDAY JUNE 26th   7-11pm @ The Soundry

There aren’t many shows at The Soundry that we’ve considered doing twice.  Baby Canvases was such a huge success last year that we had to issue the challenge to artists again!

All artwork is a mighty 2 INCHES x 3 INCHES.   Artists had no other restrictions other than size for their mini masterpieces.  We have 600 pieces representing a wide variety of  mediums and styles. It truly is a show for everybody. These babies are “up for adoption” to loving homes and applications can be processed with a major credit card. Babies will go to their homes when the show closes. Adoption counselors will be on hand at the opening.

These itty bitties are an affordable means to collect art from your favorite artists at a mini price. They make great gifts and are terrific pieces for the office as well as all those nooks and crannies at home.