TechnoPunk 1801-2099

skull2(2)On Display Oct. 22nd-Nov. 22nd

Steam, Cyber & Street Punk Unite!

Art can be a lifestyle and its own culture. TechnoPunk 1801-2099 embraces art genres that encourage the artist and the observer to engage in another time, another place and to LIVE with the art through experience and interaction.

“TechnoPunk 1801-2099” is an unjuried art show featuring everything CyberPunk, SteamPunk, Street Punk, New Media, and Anime!

2D and 3D art will be displayed from October 22nd, 2010 through November 30th, 2010 at The Soundry. Submissions can include performance pieces, costumes, inventions, sculpture, projection work and installations.

Live Street Punk Art by Ground Zero Crew!

The Steampunk Family Visit! Meet Madame vonHedwig.

Intro. to Steampunk Class


Costume strutting strongly encouraged.