Stand-Up Comedy Audition Day at The Soundry! Sun. 12pm



This month its all about Stand-Up Comedy!



Audition days take place the last Sunday of every month at The Soundry. Its a forum for talent and producers of shows and projects to meet. This month we are auditioning stand-up comics. Agents, comedy show producers and venue managers are invited to come scout for comic talent. Its free!

Scotoma Productions,  producer of the upcoming Josh Blue show will be here scouting for Josh Blue’s opening acts on March 3rd & 4th. We are also happy to have  Riot Act Entertainment, The Comedy Zone and Don’t Block the Box Comedy Show representatives here. We have invited many show producers and venue owners out to check out the comic talent that will be represented at this month’s Comedy Audition Day!

Comics should come with several head shots with contact information provided on the back of each one. Be prepared to perform 5 minutes of your best material. Call back periods will be when producers who like what they heard, can ask specific comics to perform more material and/or make a booking on the spot.

The Schedule:

11am-12pm: Sign in and get a number so you know your place in the audition day lineup

12pm-2pm: First round of Auditions (5 minute sets)  24 comics

2pm-3pm: Call Backs from 1st Round

3-5pm: Second round of  Auditions (5 minute sets)  24 comics

5-6pm: Call Backs from 2nd Round