Art Carnage: Urban Version

Saturday April 30th


Art Carnage is back and this month we are  adding urban-pop influence in the form of the best area graffiti artists as well as urban, tattoo and pop culture inspired crafts and clothing.


Albus Cavus is an international collective of artists who create interactive public art projects that actively involve all community members. Now working in New Jersey, California, District of Columbia.

Art Carnage is a chaotic collision of indie artists and performers who come together the last Saturday of every month for 4 hours of non-stop creative action.  Carnage attendees will experience live music, belly dancing, improv, poetry, burlesque, live painting, performance art, hooping, comedy, rap, spoken word as well as the unplanned and unexpected.  Its practically a surreal experience.

The event is free in order to eliminate any audience barriers. We want everyone to be able to experience and engage with the area’s amazing creatives that infuse life into the DC Metro area if you give them the chance.

Urban Carnage (thus far):

The Improv Imps & Extreme Improv: what do you get when two performers go on stage blindfolded & barefoot with 100 live mousetraps?  Extreme Improv!  The Imps continue to humiliate and injure themselves for your pleasure!

The Neon Rush Perform: Currently working on their new album Raw Culture. Find them on Facebook!

BellaDonna’s Bohemian Belly Dancers : Belladonna is a tribal fusion belly dance performer and instructor in the DC area. Find her on Facebook!

Janelle & Anthony: experimental folk, classical, rock with Cello, guitar and electronics

Cloudism: Experiential performance artists

Kym Spins: Hula Hoop Performer extraordinaire! Embrace the Spin on Facebook!

Jesse Baskin: Poet, rapper, musicians and free-form thinker

Stand-up Comedian Nate Johnson!  Nate hosts an open mic every Thursday at the Comedy Spot, but you’re more likely to recognize him as that guy you saw fall down the escalator on the Metro.

Burlesque performances by Private Tails from the DC Gurly Show! Find Private Tails on Facebook too!

Live Graffiti by Ground Zero Crew on walls provided by Albus Cavus.

Live Sketch Comedy by And What Not.

Amber Dutton Performs: a songwriter in love with spoken-word and melody.  She is an engaging live performer who takes her art seriously (but not herself).  Her music is eclectic, reflecting influences as diverse as Ani Difranco, Violent Femmes, Vampire Weekend, Regina Spektor, Ben Harper, and Otis Redding. Find her on Facebook.

David Blechman’s stand-up Jeopardy!

Urban Pendant Workshop with Melissa Lew!  $10

Poet Paul Fauteux

Cloudism returns with their original performance art, “I Always Wanted to Be an Artist”

Opal Rose performs!


Matt Reigner: I’MPOSSIBLE: Solo Show at The Soundry Friday May 13th!

Ivan Collich

Grey Classic

Ten East Tead

Area 718

Sticky Comics

Simple Girl

UC Studios


Melanie Newlon


Fab Lab DC

Underground Tree Projects


Rainbow Bridge Designs

Elizabeth Stewart