Cell Block 316: Artist Lockdown and Art Show


Get some provisions and walk that green mile to The Soundry.


“Cell Block 316″ is an experiment; a Lockdown and an art show.

Here’s the gist:

The Lockdown: Begins Friday June 17th, 2011 at 6pm when artists, musicians, writers, poets, actors and comics will be voluntarily “locked” in The Soundry for 24 hours–until 6pm, Saturday June 18th.  Artists will work restlessly and relentlessly for a frantic 24 hour burst of creativity to produce the material that will presented on the walls and stage at the opening reception.

Art Show: The opening reception for “Cell Block 316″ will be on Saturday June 18th at 8pm–that’s right, 2 hours after The Lockdown ends!  Take a break for a shower and a meal, and come right back to see the results of The Lockdown and strut your stuff.

There is no telling what this event will produce–surely some good company and red eyes, but beyond that it is up to the creative prisoners!

Soundry Members: $25   Everyone else $45

LockDown submission form