Game Day Sponsored by Area 42 Games



Come meet the folks at Area 42 Games who will be introducing us to some board games and card games from their inventory. Instructors will be on hand to teach the games and answer questions.  It will be a fun afternoon of games at The Soundry!  We will be learning and playing the following games:

Settlers of Catan



Zombie Dice



Area 42 is dedicated to great gaming experiences, from board games to card games, role playing games to table top miniature warfare. They host game days where we feature a specific game as well as open game nights that are more free form in nature.

Area 42 is also a game store where you can come to purchase games. They keep a medium sized inventory for browsing at our game days but also handle special orders and can usually get your items to you in just a couple of days. But first and foremost they love games, gaming and gamers.
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