Christiann MacAuley

Getting to know Christiann MacAuley…

Your website?

Where are you from? Northern Virginia

What’s your day job? App Developer + Designer

How long have you been creating art? I’ve been drawing cartoons off and on my whole life but started publishing them in 2006.

Did you study art in school/college? My bachelor’s degree is in History.

What is your favorite thing about being a member at The Soundry? I love how many different kinds of things are going on at the Soundry all the time and the eclectic group of people the Soundry attracts.

What kind of art do you do? I’m a cartoonist and creator of the webcomic Sticky Comics. I also am a part of the screen printing collective, Ten East Read. We design and screenprint t-shirts and other apparel. I’m mostly creating humor cartoons.

Who is your favorite artist?  Or, where do you draw your inspiration? My favorite work in that genre is Life In Hell by Matt Groening, as well as New Yorker Cartoons and Far Side cartoons. I’m usually inspired to create cartoons when I’m procrastinating doing my job.