Rebecca Fran

Getting to know Rebecca Fran…

Where are you from? All Over

What’s your day job? Art Therapy Grad Student

How long have you been creating art? I have always loved art! I studied art in college.

What is your favorite thing about being a member at The Soundry? I am new so I still have lots to discover but I love that it is in a warehouse.  I love that I now have a place to create where I don’t have to feel isolated from the world.  And I feel inspired to get my butt making art!

What kind of art do you do? I make book arts, multi-media, paint, draw, and make music.

Who is your favorite artist?  Or, where do you draw your inspiration? Egon Shiele. He was raw and unpolished.

Your website? coming soon

Any more info you’d like us to know? All my art was in storage and was all thrown out due to a horrible mistake so I am starting fresh rebuilding my art.