Lucy’s Music Pit: A Very Hot Live Music All-Nighter

…Come to The Soundry for a live music all-nighter 

*All Night Coffee Shop

*Mixtape Mistletoe (see below)

*Pancake Breakfast with early morning Jam



In the Pitt:

Outdoor Stage:

Cecelia Jeffery 6pm
Dr. Strange 7pm
The Share 8pm
Melissa Branin 9pm
Jenni Bloodworth 10pm
DT 11pmIndoor Stage:

The Piecycles 6pm
Mokey Dorris 7pm
Footwork 8pm
The Family Plots 9pm
Dance for The Dying 10pm
The Spots 11pm
Irresponsible 12am
Herd of Birds 1am
The Howls 2am
Thirsty Animal 3am
All Musician Jam/Pancakes 4am-6am

Mixtape Mistletoe!!!

Everyone who is coming to the pit (performers and audience) are encouraged to bring a mix tape/mix cd that they want to trade with someone else. There will be stations around the stage area, studio and cafe that will have either have a tape, cd, record hanging from the ceiling. This is a mixtape mistletoe. When you meet with someone under these magical objects you are required to trade/give up your mixtape. Be creative with your cd art, but make sure not to put your name anywhere on the tape, for fun.