Pick Up a Stand Up

Saturday Oct 1st @ 8pm

A very funny singles mixer for ages 22-44

Sponsored by Singles in the Suburbs!

These are stand up guys!

Love guys with a sense of humor?  Good! Because we have a room full of single, stand-up comics looking for love or at least a friendly wave.

Everyone will get loosened up with a little..

Film.  Improv.  What’s better than that?
Locally-produced independent short films screened with live, on-stage improvised “DVD bonus features” from the comic team at 4&9 Productions.
Sometimes you just need a do-over.  A ‘be careful what you ask for’ romantic comedy, directed by Pamela Nash, written by Pamela Nash & Chad Schreiner for 4&9 Productions. Featuring Steve Calamia, David Peter O’Brien, and Alexis Turrentine.

Will Joke for Date

First impressions are everything. Get your first impressions listening to 5 minutes of their stand up. Some of you will laugh, others will cry. But hey, your soul match might be up there. Take notes!

Get Spanked!

Spanky Roundbottom performs “Stand Up and Strip” just to make sure everyone stays loosey goosey.

Sit Down with the  Stand Ups

Ok, now its time to meet them off stage by speed dating all of them!  Want to hear more of his jokes?  You’ll let us know and if he wants to hear more of your laughter, we will get your information exchanged.

The Soundry cafe will provide table service throughout the event.

Ticket Price $10     Due to limited space, pre-registration and payment is required!



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