Beatniks & Butterflies with author, Matthew Iden

Monday 7-9pm @ Epicure Cafe

11213-A Lee Hwy Fairfax (Behind the Chilis)

A zesty mash of emerging and published writers and lovers of the written & spoken word. Produced by The Soundry for Epicure Cafe.  Just a bunch of word flirts eating and drinking, writing and dreaming.

Host and almost-famous-poet, Paul Fauteux leads us through some mind altering writing games throughout the eveni…ng. In addition to a weekly featured author from various genres, we open the mic to writers, storytellers and poets to share their writing with a fun and friendly room.

This week’s featured author is Matthew Iden!

“I write thrillers, crime fiction, and contemporary literary fiction with a psychological twist, but I’ve also tried my hand at fantasy, science fiction, horror, and straight literary writing. I read all of those genres and love them all, so why not write in them, as well?

My hope is to parallel Graham Greene’s career. He had no illusions about the stories he wrote for fun and profit; he called these his “entertainments” and made no apology for them. At the same time, he penned deeper philosophical works that were complex, musical, and thought-provoking. Novels in both of Greene’s categories have stood the test of time and I’d count myself lucky if I had even a fraction of his success and longevity.

I’ve recently released four collections of short stories in ebook formats: THREE SHORTS, THREE THE HARD WAY, THREE ON A MATCH, and THREE OF A KIND. As you can guess from the titles, there are indeed three stories in each title. My medium-boiled crime fiction series featuring retired Washington DC homicide detective Marty Singer debuts soon in A REASON TO LIVE.”

Check out all of his books on Amazon!