The Sorta Big Time, Kinda Secret, Sketch Match


The SBTKS a friendly, supportive and constructive competition open to: comedic sketch troupes/teams, indie sketch writers and actors/improvisers who want to play a part in a writer’s sketch!
And we give power to the audience! Each audience member gets a ballot and an opportunity to hand out their own, original, award of distinction to the individual or team that left a unique impression.

Cool beans. Here is how it works:

There will be 3 competing categories
(2 rounds in Categories 1 & 2) :

1. The Rough & Sorta Ready Sketch Category:
Sketch writers/groups with unrehearsed sketches that will be read from paper. Writers can bring their own sketch actors or get volunteers from the event. Sketch writers in this category can submit up to 2 different sketches to be performed in Round 1. In round 2, each sketch is performed again with an opportunity to coach or recast in between rounds. In this category, writers are competing as individuals and will be judged on the comedic quality of their sketch writing. **Sketches should be under 10 min.**

2. The Wild & Paper Free Sketch Category:
This category is for existing sketch groups/troupes with rehearsed sketches. No scripts allowed. Each sketch team submits two sketches and will be competing as a group. Groups will be judged on comedic quality, acting, richness of characters, sketch memorability and overall performance. **Sketches should be under 12 minutes**

3. The Commercial Breaks: While scores are tallied or during any delay, we will invite any sketch groups with quick commercial sketches to come up and perform their commercial. This is a super fun category you could even write on the fly. **Commercial breaks should be 1-3 minutes**

Now, all you have to do is sign up with the link below, so we can put you on the roster/ballot!

Who needs to sign up?

**Sketch Teams & Writers: Please use the Sign Up Link so we can get you on the ballots!
**Improvisers & Actors: Please use the Sign Up Link  to sign up to be cast in a sketch(es)! Casting will happen on the fly at the SBTKS Sketch Match. It helps us organizers to know you will be there:)