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The JellyVision Show Podcast

with co-hosts Jelly & Tim Trueheart!  The JellyVision Show is a weekly podcast, broadcasting from The LoveShack Studio in the DC Suburbs. Each week, we talk with “Artrepreneurs” and Visionaries about their motivations, challenges and successes in order to help others live a rich, creative life. We  want non-creatives to appreciate & respect the arts in a very relevant way by connecting them with you via the intimacy of the podcast.

We celebrate originality, so our show format is unique. The JellyVision Show mixes real guests with quirky characters created by The JellyVision Show writing team and some of the best DC area improvisers. 

APPLY HERE TO BE A JELLYVISION SHOW FEATURED GUEST.  We book musicians, bands, comics, artists, writers, poets, producers, dancers, organizations, art activists and performers of all kinds.

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