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The Improv Imps’ Community Service Show!



Sunday 4/27 at Epicure Cafe

11104 Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22031


How would you like to Face Monday with a smile on your face? A smile that will still be there the morning after you witness The Improv Imps fulfill their community service requirement by bringing laughter to the people! 

The show is free at the delicious & artistic Epicure Café! Get dinner and a show for just the cost of dinner! Spread the word lucky bird! The bigger the audience the louder the laughs.

The show is made up entirely on the spot based on audience suggestions. It’s a show that has never been seen and will never be seen again. We call it an “Unforgettable Experience”.  


REM:ART Show at Epicure Cafe Now!

  This Show is NOW UP at Epicure Cafe! 11213-A Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030 Stop by for great food, music and ART! Dreams are a common link to our subconscious desires, fears and can even act as a source…

The Improv Imps Epic Show @ Epicure Cafe

The Improv Imps Epic Show Sunday August 14th @ 7pm Epicure Cafe 11213-A Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030   The Imps are loose again and shaking up the stage at one of their favorite venues, Epicure Cafe. Enjoy your dinner…

The Improv Imps Epic Improv Show!

The Epic Improv Show! Sunday July 10th Epicure Cafe in Fairfax (behind the Chilis!) 7pm   Free Funny Tonight dinner is served with a side of laughs! Let the Pinot tickle your inhibitions and join The Imps for an epic night…